No Smoking In Bars Takes Ban Too Far



It seems that we are in for a bit of a fight over the smoking ban here in Payson. I would hope you print this in the paper since it could raise another view. I am a smoker, and as most smokers may feel, we wish nonsmokers or even worse, former smokers would just lighten up.

Now, as a smoker, I agree that it would be OK to ban smoking in restaurants. I have no problem waiting the 30 to 60 minutes that it takes to eat a meal to have a smoke in my car on the way home. The one capital atrocity I can see is to ban smoking in bars.

Most people who go to bars to drink also smoke. Anyone else who does not like smoke would not go to a bar or would be prepared to deal with the smoke. As a former bar owner I know that if this sort of law is widespread to include bars it would hurt business dramatically.

Have we become so politically correct that you can not even enjoy a smoke with your beer? The law, if any is passed, should only require that establishments who predominantly serve food should be nonsmoking.

Even if a bar serves food it should not be required to be nonsmoking. A person who is opposed to meat would not enter a butcher shop, therefore, a nonsmoker would not enter a bar if it offended them so much. I have seen too many towns who put a blanket nonsmoking law into effect only to kill small bar and pool hall owners.

That one really cracks me up the smoking in a pool hall. That just seems SO UNAMERICAN. I know smoking is bad, I know that secondhand smoke is not good for you, but let us be real. When Tempe banned smoking in all of its restaurants and bars, most of my fellow bar owners were forced to cheat in order to keep enough patrons to pay the bills.

I'm just saying that we should be realistic with this issue. I don't like the smell of horse poop, so I don't go to a horse ranch. If you don't like cigarette smoke, don't go into a bar.

Keith DeCinko, Payson

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