Quilting Illustrates History, Warms The Soul



re: Jim Keyworth quilt comments

Quilts provide a history of family. Many are passed down from early generations. We, as quilters, are encouraged to put a label on every quilt we make. My labels tell why I made the quilt, something about the fabrics, who the quilt is given to, where I live and the date.

My quilting group, the Strawberry Patchers, uses monies derived from the sale of raffle tickets to purchase fabric and supplies to make trauma quilts for children.

So, Jim, quilts have many uses. They are not simply made to keep your body warm in the winter. They are historical artifacts. Please take the time to visit our quilt show in Pine, June 10-12. We will gladly show you beautiful pieces of art, plus we will sell you raffle tickets on a spectacular quilt, "Forest Fantasy." We look forward to seeing you.

Mitzi Paul, Strawberry Patchers

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