Top Dogs Emerge At Soroptimists' Show


Captain, Trout, Macaroni, Missy and Roxy were the big winners at the annual "I Love My Dog" show sponsored by Soroptimist International of Zane Grey Country.

Each of the four took two top awards in the competition:


With a simple coat change, Victor Diaz was able to enter Captain 007 in multiple categories. Here, the black chow/lab makes a run at the Most Spots title.

  • Captain, a big black chow-lab mix, won the President's Choice trophy and took first place for Longest Coat. Captain owns Victor and Leticia Diaz.
  • Trout took Largest Dog honors, while also outdueling the competition to take first for Weirdest Bark. Trout runs Mikayla Johnson ragged.
  • Macaroni, a something-or-other that leads Tyler McClanahan, won the Obstacle Course trophy and took first for Most Spots.
  • Missy, who handles Elizabeth Romberger, was named People's Choice. Romberger took the Junior Handler -- Girl title.
  • Roxy, an apricot poodle who jumps all over Nieca Irwin, used her leaping ability to take first place for Best Trick. Roxy also took first place in the Obstacle Course.

Best of Show honors went to Mattie, a border collie mix, who brought Haley Stevens to the competition.

Judges were Christy Powers, Barbara Miske and Lynn Wojcik.

Ribbons were won by the following participants:

Largest Dog

First, Trout, Mikayla Johnson

Second, Morgan, Rosemary Chubinski

Third, Dux, Lanie Cahill

Smallest Dog

First, Boomer, Jeanne Medley

Second, Happy, Steve Knighton

Third, Teco, Joanna Stottler

Longest coat

First, Captain, Victor & Leticia Diaz

Second, Snickers, Barbara Greenshield

Third, Ruby, Clint Hacker

Most spots

First, Macaroni, Tyler McClanahan

Second, Missy, Elizabeth Romberger

Third, Annie, Emma Randall

Fastest wag

First, Dux, Lanie Cahill

Second, Ruthie, Dustin Iles

Third, Murphy, Susan Ashe

Best costume

First, Mattie, Haley Stevens

Second, Annie, Emma Randall

Third, Missy, Elizabeth Romberger

Weirdest bark

First, Trout, Mikayla Johnson

Second, Gus, Jessica Ruttle

Third, Georgie, Anonymous

Best trick

First, Roxy, Nieca Irwin

Second, Gus, Jessica Ruttle

Third, Sadie, Kelsey Oakley

Best eyes

First, Rosco, Sean Dougherty

Second, Sheila, Luke Tackett

Third, Paxon, Kathy Larson


First, Gus, Jessica Ruttle

Second, Sadie, Brooks Randall

Third, Shilo, Ashley White

Fourth, Captain, Victor & Leticia Diaz

Obstacle course

First, Roxy, Nieca Irwin

Second, Mattie, Haley Stevens

Third, Captain, Victor & Leticia Diaz

Fourth, Gus, Jessica Ruttle

All registrants received a participant ribbon and a goodie bag.

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