Trained, Dedicated Crew Watches The Action At Taylor Pool


While lifeguarding is a fun occupation, it is also very important.

The lifeguards at Taylor Pool take their jobs very seriously.


Taylor Pool managers Lisa Jackson and Mandy Randall oversee a crew of lifeguards who make swimming at the pool safe and fun.

Lisa Jackson, one of the two pool managers this year, said that she has been a lifeguard for five years, the longest of anybody there.

"I grew up on the swim team and around water, so I thought it would be cool to have a job around water," she said. "Also, I love swimming."

Jackson said that it's a good job because you get to be around water and people while working good hours for good pay. She said lifeguarding is a good job because once you get the certification to be a lifeguard, you can work anywhere lifeguards are needed. The certification is good nationwide, though you must renew it every three years.

Also managing the pool with Jackson is Mandy Randall. She has been a lifeguard for three years.

Randall said she became a lifeguard at first because her friends were doing it, but she has come to enjoy the job. She also does it because she likes to tan.

Danielle Dixon and Haylee Huff are two first-year lifeguards.

"It's a good summer job because it starts right when school is out and ends when school starts up again," Huff said.

She does it because she likes being around children. Huff also lifeguards at Chaparral Pines.

Dixon said she likes the flexible hours and being out in the sun all day.

Jackson's younger sister, Tina, is another lifeguard at Taylor Pool. She also is this year's swim team head coach. She has been a lifeguard for three years and does it for the same reasons as her sister.

To become a lifeguard, one must be at least 15 years of age; to be a Water Safety Instructor, you must be 16. You have to take a certification course through the Red Cross and be CPR certified. The certification course is offered at the end of each school year.

Though it may seem these girls are out there tanning all day, that's not the case. They are trained to keep a close eye on the pool and all the children at all times. They are constantly watching and they switch positions throughout the day. Some sit in the guard chair while some walk around the pool. They are always around making sure the Taylor Pool is a safe and fun environment.

If the hot summer temperature is getting unbearable, take the family to the Taylor Pool where you'll see Lisa Jackson and her crew of trained lifeguards keeping a close eye the action.

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