Parks-Sponsored Race Series Kicks Off


The Payson Parks and Recreation summer barrel and pole bending series kicked off June 2 at the Payson Event Center.

The 8-and-under group was first through the gate. Bryce Stodghill won the barrel race in his age group with a time of 27.34. He was followed by Madison Waterman with a time of 30.96. Third place went to Brooks Randall with a 40.57. Kara Ward finished up with a fourth after a time of 42.77. It was the same order of finish in the pole bending for the group.


The Summer Barrel Racing and Pole Bending Series tipped of June 2 in the Payson Event Center. Competitions will continue each Thursday evening throughout the summer. Books open at 5:30 p.m. and the competition begins at 6:30 p.m.

Taylor Randall led the pack in the 9-12 age group by sweeping first place in the barrels (20.319) and poles (24.679). Taylor's cousin, Kyle Randall took a close second with a barrel time of 21.89 and then weaved the poles for a time of 26.50.

Randi Jo Brown was third with a barrel time of 22.96 and pole time of 27.53. Emma Randall took fourth in the barrels with a time of 23.44 and fifth in the pole bending with a time of 30.90 after suffering a penalty for knocking one over.

Chelsie Stodghill also struggled to keep the poles standing when her horse knocked down her third barrel which gave her a 5 second penalty, bumping her into fifth place with a time of 24.636. Chelsie suffered the same penalty in the pole bending and finished fourth with a time of 29.65. The age group was rounded out by Carly Haworth who took sixth in the barrels, 28.60 and poles with a time of 33.54. Hannah Dalgai, rode her new Shetland pony and finished out the pack with a barrel time of 80.61 and a pole time of 89.18.

The hotly contested 13-17 age group spread the wealth between several of the top contenders. Candace Bullard won the barrel race with a time of 19.17 and then finished second in the poles with a time of 23.77. Breianon Miller took second in the barrels with a time of 19.86 and saw a sixth-place finish in the poles after a knock down left her with a time of 29.62. Annie Klemstine took third in the barrels, 20.02 and poles, 23.93. Laci Riggins finished fourth in the barrels with a time of 20.11. Shayla Hall gathered points in the barrel race with a fifth-place finish with a time of 20.69. Jesse Wedell grabbed points in the poles with a time of 28.02. She also finished sixth in the barrel race with a turn of 23.09. Bailey Randall turned in the fastest time in the pole bending with a quick 22.85 second run.

Lara Baker, competing in the 18-39 age group, turned and burned the barrels for the fastest time of the night with an 18.80 finish. Megan Ward was the second-place finisher in the barrels, 19.03 and poles, 26.85. April Kelly turned in a time of 26.43 to win the pole bending and then took third in the barrels with a time of 21.04. Tammy Umbenhauer held the No. 4 spot in the barrels with a time of 21.66 and 29.15 in the pole bending. LeeAnne Wills finished third in the poles with a time of 29.12 and seventh in the barrels with a 22.36. Ali Manista was fifth in both events with a 21.79 in the barrels and a 30.33 in the poles.

The 40-and-over group included Leslie Thompson and Sally Wills. Leslie took first in the poles with a 31.73 and second in the barrels with a 26.99. Sally had a 24.04 in the barrels to win it and a 32.70 for second in the poles.

A new division was added this year for the 18 and over men. They will be competing to win an "All Around Cowboy" buckle. Their points will be cumulative in both the barrel race and pole bending. The division is expected to grow over the coming weeks as more men hijack their wife's or daughter's horses and compete for the Gist Silversmiths buckle.

Preston Dalgai was the only man who competed the first night. He commandeered his daughter's Shetland and gathered the first points of the season.

Barrel race and pole bending will be held every Thursday night through July. Time only practice runs will be held on Tuesdays at 6:30.

For more information, contact Charlene Hunt at (928) 474-5242, ext. 260.

Submitted by Payson Parks and Recreation

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