Roundabout Inspires Lack Of Etiquette



I'm sure the powers to be at the Arizona Department of Transportation believe the Highway 87 roundabout is the best highway transportation development to come along since guard rails; however, the key element they failed to take into consideration was the mental attitude of the Arizona driver.

Perhaps what we need here is a simple lesson in courtesy and rules of the road.

Let's suppose that Tommy Testosterone is headed north on Highway 87 driving his big Hot-Damn-Anyhow four-wheel drive, and he comes upon this new highway gadget called a roundabout. The first thing Tommy should notice is the posted speed limit. It's 20 mph, Tommy, and that doesn't mean for everybody but you.

Next, for our convenience and safety, ADOT has posted an electronic reader board that says "Vehicles in the circle have the right of way," and they've installed a yield sign to help remind us. Tommy, that means you have to stop for the other cars, not race through the yield sign to take over the first place position; the roundabout isn't a race track.

And, last but not least, use your turn signals. It appears that the auto industry no longer consider them standard equipment on newer model vehicles because they're seldom used.

The procedures for entering and exiting the roundabout also apply to you Mr. North Scottsdale returning from your weekend mountain hideaway. Nowhere in the Arizona Drivers Manual is there due consideration given to persons driving monster trucks, muscle cars, sports cars, or high-end luxury vehicles.

Continue with your wanton disregard for other drivers and Arizona driving regulations, and prepare yourself for outrageous auto insurance premiums equal to that of Phoenix, Tucson, and every other American city where courtesy is as scarce as cheap gasoline.

Bill Miles, Mesa del

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