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Re: Smoking

Perhaps since the nonsmokers are the majority, then we should have the majority of restaurants be nonsmoking. You can have the rest. I, nor my children, can breathe in a smoking restaurant whether we are in a nonsmoking section or not. I hate going home after sitting in the nonsmoking sectionheezing and smelling like cigarette. Your rights stop at the tip of your nose, not mine.

Re: Disrespecting the flag

I think that it's a shame that some establishments here in town don't seem to have a very high regard for our flag, as they are flying ripped and torn flags repeatedly ... and when you ask them to replace them, all you get is the runaround from the manager ... I'm a veteran who fought to defend that flag, and it just steams me to see such disrespect for the flag. I'm sure that I'm not the only veteran here in town that feels that way.

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