Animal Sanctuary Needs Our Support



I'm tattle-telling.

Recently, someone took five newborn kittens, put them in a bag, and dropped them off at the Humane Society when they were closed. That's a cruel act in itself.

If they thought the kittens would find a home there, if not eaten first by a hungry stray dog after being abandoned in that bag, they didn't. They were killed by the Humane Society itself. And that's humane?? Not!

I called to inquire about the kittens because I was going to adopt them. Too late! I was advised by the Humane Society that they had been euthanized (killed and destroyed is my definition of it). When I asked why, I was told because the mother was probably feral, they weren't being nourished by the mother, and wouldn't have the strength to live. Bologna! My response was, "Why not let the kittens decide if they would have they strength to survive?" The answer was a very "cold," "We humanely euthanized them." The Humane Society just didn't want to have to bottle feed those precious little lives every three hours. No dedication there. And, I doubt the mother was feral, or the kittens wouldn't have been accessible to be put in a bag.

Now, I recently attended the Business Showcase and found a new animal entity has been formed in this town. They have a beautiful brochure which tells their story of love and compassion for animals. They don't apparently have a building yet, or land to build upon. I learned they have recently done two spay and neuter clinics in conjunction with Dr. Jacque Rosholm who is the vet for the now-named Rim Country Animal Sanctuary where animals will live out the rest of their lives once there is a premises in which to house them. Now that's dedication and devotion. No killing there!

If the person who abandoned those now dead little kittens would contact that new agency, perhaps they have a certificate to help with the cost of spaying the new mother so she doesn't get pregnant again, and so more babies aren't killed. The phone number on the brochure I have is (928) 472-9218.

Now is a perfect opportunity for all of you out there who'd like to see a "no kill" animal sanctuary being built from the ground up to get involved. It seems they could use some land (land with a building would be better), lots of donations, and people involvement. If you can do anything to help the animals in this town who aren't loved, are abused, and are running the streets would have a home forever. What a way to go! The phone number to contact a member of their board is (928) 472-9218. I'm sure they'd love to hear from you!

Lara Megan O'Neil, Payson

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