Blame Irresponsible People, Not Animal Shelter



This letter is in response to Lara Megan O'Neil's letter "Animal sanctuary needs our support" (June 14 Roundup).

Don't blame the staff from the Payson Humane Society (PHS) for the death of the kittens. The anger and frustration should be directed toward the people who are really responsible for this act -- ignorant pet owners who don't take responsibility for their animals.

The staff at PHS is so dedicated to help any stray/abandoned animal that comes to their place. But unfortunately, there seems to be an endless supply of unwanted pets and only limited space at the shelter that forces PHS to euthanize those animals that have the least chance of survival and adoption.

I have just recently become a volunteer dog walker at PHS and I am always amazed by the dedication of the staff trying to find homes for these abandoned animals and make them feel as comfortable as possible while at the shelter.

So, please, don't "bad-mouth" PHS only to promote the new Rim Country Animal Sanctuary. Those two organizations are not competing, instead they both care and are trying hard to make up for the irresponsible pet owners who don't spay/neuter their animals and just drop them off if they don't want to deal with the problem they created.

Birgit Spencer, Payson

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