Goal Is To ‘Keep Community As It Is'



I address this to all the residents of Payson who are of good conscience, and have a respect for the rights of their neighbors. We, of the communities of Diamond Point Shadows and Star Valley (Diamond Star), are asking for nothing more than the right of self-determination. We presented all the information that was requested by the town council, followed their guidelines, and had assurances that our petition would be favorably considered. Not one person on the council had the courtesy to even acknowledge our situation. They made it clear their only interest was to support the developer and officials that covet our water and tax base.

They look upon the people of Diamond Point Shadows and Star Valley as second-class citizens, with no education, totally irrational, and with little or no self-esteem.

I ask the honest people of Payson, if the situation was reversed, if we were after your water and tax money, and there was no way you could have a voice in what was happening, what would you do?

Our goal is to keep our community as it is -- very private, fiercely independent, with the ability to protect all the rights of every individual living here, regardless of their economic or social status.

We are not looking to become another mega town, with a large bureaucracy. We are a small town, and have a charm that will not be compromised or corrupted by over development, greedy officials, or special interest groups that are looking to deplete our resources.

At this point, we are proceeding with our petition to Gila County for the right to have our registered voters decide whether or not we should incorporate into a township. We are not adversaries; we are your neighbors asking for support and help.

William S. (Bill) Rappaport, President, Diamond Star Water Coalition, Inc., Star Valley

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