Animal Foster Parents Deserve Admiration



This is in response to the (letter) entitled "Animal sanctuary needs our support." Ms. O'Neil is "barking up the wrong tree" in attacking the Payson Humane Society. Where she got her misinformation I don't know ... I happen to be one of the fortunate people to have received two kittens (from a litter of six) that were taken by a couple to the humane society, at only 6 days old.

The momma cat just disappeared, leaving the couple with little choice. The kittens were accepted and the humane society immediately turned them over to willing foster parents Kathie Larson, her sister Linda and their mom.

I met the kittens when they were about four weeks old and fell in love. I brought them home when they were almost nine weeks old. They have been a tremendous addition to my family of two dogs and myself. They fill a great void since the loss of my 19 year old cat.

These kittens had only one chance, and that was to turn them over to someone who would BE ABLE to care for such tiny little ones. That someone was the Payson Humane Society.

I have nothing but admiration for the Payson Humane Society and all of those who volunteer there in any capacity, especially those who are foster parents.

Marilyn Hamm, Pine

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