Doctor Fraud



Re: is there a doctor in the house:

As the co-author (along with the FBI's fake degree expert) of the definitive book on fake degrees, I'm always glad when this vile practice is noticed by the press. But I'm terribly afraid that your editorial confuses apples, oranges, and rotten prunes. The gold standard in American higher education is regional accreditation, which both Capella and the University of Phoenix have. One can wring hands over their academic model (some people feel that you can't get a comparable education on line), but not over the legitimacy.

American State, on the other hand, is one of the major phonies, run by Mr. Marn from his mansion in Key West, Florida using a Wyoming address. There is nothing whatever legitimate there, and indeed your "Doctor" Swanson would be committing a criminal offense if he used that title in any of the growing number of states that are now regulating degree use as well as the phonies that issue them (Illinois, Oregon, New Jersey, etc.).

John Bear, Ph.D., Michigan State University

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