Senior Circle Helps Maintain Members' Health


Don't complain that there's nothing to do in Payson without first calling one of the town's senior programs.

About 900 people in the area are members of the Payson Senior Circle.


Payson Regional Medical Center's Senior Circle provides many opportunities for the area's older citizens to socialize and stay active, plus get help with health questions.

Several different health programs are among the many activities offered through the Senior Circle.

A new one just started -- the Healthy Women program. Any woman between the ages of 25 and 54 can join. There are several scheduled meetings specifically geared toward health issues affecting women in that age group.

"We offer adult health and wellness programs and events to help prevent chronic disease or reduce chronic problems like those found with diabetics and victims with fibromyalgia and many other problems," said Senior Circle director Cory Houghton.

There is also a new program for any woman who has had breast cancer and has been in remission for five years. At the Senior Circle, 215 N. Beeline Highway, there is a library to assist in research about breast cancer and many other types of cancers. Any cancer patients can receive a cancer workbook and learn about a variety of issues cancer patients and their families face, as well as important information for dealing with those issues.

There's also a diabetic support and education group; fibromyalgia support group; and restless legs group.

Restless legs syndrome involves an incredible urge to move the legs, usually caused by uncomfortable or unpleasant sensations in the limbs.

Those in the market for a health screening, are in luck. These are held periodically at the Senior Circle and include: heart screening; stroke screening; abdominal aortic aneurysm; pulmonary function test; ankle brachial index test; diabetes and cholesterol testing; blood pressure and pulse testing.

For more information on the screenings, call for an appointment at (800) 770-0240.

There are also plenty of fun activities at the Senior Circle: line dancing; member lunches; holiday parties; bowling and theater trips; day trips; cruise and tour information; and shopping excursions.

With only a $15 annual membership fee, seniors can benefit from some discounts, too. There are discounts for eyeglasses; prescriptions; a mail-order pharmacy benefit; free or low-cost educational seminars to keep the mind sharp; and free or discounted exercise classes.

Houghton also helps members with filing insurance claims and many other issues, including end of life advice.

Senior Circle is sponsored by Payson Regional Medical Center.

The program has operated for the past six years.

For information call (928) 472-9290.

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