Help For The Rim Country Animal Sanctuary



This is a response to a person named Kathie. First, people may try to paint a glowing picture of the local humane society, and I'm sure they do some good, but they are not without problems. Some of us in town have had our own experiences with them and we have our own opinions, which will stand firm.

The staff is made up of laypeople, not veterinarians. They can't possibly know in advance the impending death of what appears to be a healthy animal -- it would take a vet with a degree, training, and experience to make that call.

Dumping an animal is never a secret. Someone sees, someone knows, or someone tells. That's how I found out. And, I did call to claim the kittens, too late. They had already been killed. No chance for adoption there.

I don't foster, I rescue. I have provided medical care, and sometimes at great expense. I have found homes for many rescued animals. So, yes, I know the cost involved to help the helpless pets of our community.

I have gone to great expense to spay and neuter these animals with my own money. I've also bottle-fed infant animals at all hours and have lost sleep. So, go ahead, Kathie, boast your own efforts. I'm not impressed.

Yes, there are too many irresponsible people in Payson who don't deserve a pet if they don't spay and neuter their animal(s). A town law requiring residents to alter their animals to live here would be nice. But, who then would monitor going from house-to-house? Since you're so good at doing that, Kathie, want to step up, set up the program, and volunteer?

What I do know is I'm for every animal to have a chance to be adopted no matter how long it takes.

I want the community to support the humane society for the good of any animals that they will allow to live. But, I also want the community to be aware of and pull together to help this new animal sanctuary.

I blow my horn for them, the frightened, hungry, hurting, homeless animals who need our help, love, kindness, and a permanent home.

Beyond that, say no more. I don't care to hear it, and I won't read it.

Lara Megan O'Neil, Payson

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