Hiding Behind Executive Sessions



As a resident of Payson, it is more than troubling to read the three articles in the June 17 Payson Roundup regarding Diamond Point Shadows and Star Valley. These communities have every right to protect and defend their homes, their lands and certainly their water rights.

From the days of America's founding fathers, this country's laws are based upon individual rights, guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.

The first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution are for the protection, not of government, but of citizens from usurpation by the government.

It would be more than interesting to know how many executive sessions the Payson Town Council holds, and why, seemingly, town business may not be held in a totally open fashion.

To the whole Payson Town Council, we the people have the Constitutional right to petition for redress of grievance. Any, or all, of us have that right: citizens of Payson, citizens of Star Valley and citizens of Diamond Point Shadows.

Mr. William S. Rappaport is right on target -- this issue involves far more than water rights.

Mayor Barbara Brewer is quoted in part, saying "..but how can we look like idiots when we don't do anything.."

Well, it is painfully obvious that something, or some things, are afoot...that some things are being done, behind closed doors. "Guidelines" are sometimes anything but guidelines. What is this "Memorandum of Understanding?" An "understanding" of what? Spell it out.

How many studies have been done in our town, courtesy of taxpayer finance, and what were the results, and what were the total costs?

It would seem the town needs to spend our money cutting all the weed growth on our town streets, avenues and roads within the town. How about some of the thousands of dollars going to our firefighters, policemen and school teachers, who all serve to protect us?

Is it not time for an independent audit of where our voter, taxpayers, citizens' monies are going? Election time is not really too far off.

PS: Citizens of Star Valley and Diamond Point Shadows -- we do not covet your water.

Shirley A. Colin, Payson

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