Loony Tunes Debuts At Town Hall



Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's water.

Succès de scandale: Notoriety gained by something scandalous, e.g. the following secretive, not-so-sagacious scenario:

Recent Payson Town Council meetings: Cast of Characters ...

"Jumping Judy" and "Barbara's Bullies" bedazzle the council by switching sides on their stand regarding Star Valley's water... "Silent Sam" Streichman stonewalls, as "Fabulous Fred" aka "Captain Carpenter" condones continued circumvention ... and our "Bumptious Buzzer" aka "Wayward Walker the water witling," who didn't even have the gumption to attend that early June meeting where the Star Valley representatives still strive to suspend Payson's pilferage of their precious water supply.

All of which causes me to wonder when will the aforementioned "leaders" comprehend the meaning of the eighth, ninth and 10th commandments?

Elmer Kreutzer, Payson

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