Don't Rain On County Trip To Hawaii



NACO is the National Association of Counties and is a powerful lobbying organization that carries a lot of weight in Washington.

I serve on an advisory committee for the HAVA "Help America Vote Act" with the Arizona Secretary of State's office. Arizona is way out in front in implementing and being compliant with this new Federal Law. I volunteered to be a Beta Site for the new statewide voter system so that Gila County would be in the lead in acquiring the Federal funds to enact this new system.

Part of the responsibility in being a beta site is sharing the knowledge with the other Recorders. I will be sharing this information at the NACO conference, along with "How Arizona is going to implement Proposition 200;" as many other states are wanting to introduce legislation similar to Prop. 200.

I will be attending classes and workshops in Land Records, Mortgage Fraud, Disaster Recovery, GIS systems, and Parliamentary procedures.

As I come from a ranching and mining background, I am concerned with NACO's position on mining, forest health, cattle grazing, public land-use, and the other issues that affect our western states. Mr. Ron Christensen, former supervisor from Payson, served on many of the important committees with NACO and much was accomplished due to his efforts.

I am only one voice, but I assure you I will voice my opinion at the NACO conference when the opportunity presents itself. The value of networking and lobbying cannot be emphasized enough.

Linda Haught Ortega, Gila County Recorder

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