Hunting In Arizona, The New Elitism



On the bottom of page two in the Arizona Game and Fish hunting regulations, there is a paragraph proclaiming that (the game department) will not, in any way, allow discrimination. They then propose a two-tier hunting system for Arizona resident hunters starting with deer and elk.

The proposed fee for deer is $50 for the Class B hunts. The Class A premium hunts will be $150. For elk, the Class B hunts would be $150 and the Class A premium hunts would be $350.

On top of that, they are proposing a minimum increase of 50 percent on all other license and tag fees.

The new proposed hunting fees are absurd. The last thing resident hunters need is a ‘have' and ‘have-not' system that favors the well-to-do.

There's no doubt that the cost of operations have increased for AZG&F, as it has for us all. A reasonable increase of $5 in the application fee would produce well over a million dollars. Future increases in license or tag fees should be based on the cost of living index, not on the cost of operation.

We all have to live within our means, AZG&F should do no differently.

Financial discrimination is just as wrong as any other discrimination and should not be allowed.

If state Senate Bill 1365 goes through, we will be forced to pay through the nose from now on to hunt in Arizona.

It will only take a minute to make a call, so please take action for yourself and for all future Arizona hunters.

Call Gov. Napolitano and urge her not to sign Senate Bill 1365. The toll-free number is (800) 253-0883. You can also call Duane L. Shroufe, director of AZG&F, at (602) 942-3000.

Don Van Camp, Alpine

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