Throw Your Butt Away



This is in regard to the "Our View" article in the Tuesday, June 21 Tuesday edition of the Roundup.

It spoke of the dangers of tossed butts from car windows and it was right on. I clean 2 miles of Highway 87 for the Adopt-A-Highway" program. The 1 mile, from East Verde bridge to 1 mile north, mile post 258-259 is littered with cigarette butts. None of these I have ever seen showed signs of being snuffed out. They either were burned down to the filter, or they had simply quit burning with the cold ash was still attached.

These weren't simple littering cases, but actions liable to start a fire. I keep watch as I work, but have never seen a butt thrown from a car.

My other mile is from the post office to Ace Hardware, milepost 252/253. From Ace Hardware south to Bashas' on the east side of the highway, the number of tossed butts is unbelievable. Again, I have never seen anyone throw out a butt.

The ones along here are primarily walking smokers but the same rules and laws apply. Smokers' litter is not only the butts, it is also the plastic zip off the top, the cellophane package, the foil off the top of the package, 20 cigarettes and, finally, the paper package itself.

Secondhand smoke and starting fires may be the most dangerous of the smokers byproducts inflicted on us, but I think their trashing of our community with their refuse also speaks volumes as to their collective attitudes and morals.

I wonder how many throw their butts out in their yard at home or drop them on the floor. They are throwing them where I work, and that is my yard, and I don't like it.

Dick Maloney, Payson

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