Town Salaries Correction


In our Friday, June 24 story about town salaries, we incorrectly reported Payson Town Manager Fred Carpenter's current pay.

We listed Carpenter's current salary at $91,680 per year.

Carpenter received a pay increase several months ago that raised his salary to $100,440, not the market level adjustment of $118,932 we reported.

Since he is a contract employee, his salary will not be increased to market level on July 1.

We also incorrectly identified the starting police officer salary, and failed to clarify other police and firefighter salary ranges.

A newly recruited police officer will start at a salary range of $33,043 to $49,743.

Rookie officers only stay in this range while they are in training.

Other salary ranges from the town's Market Pay Plan are:

Base police officer: $35,584 to $53,803

Police sergeant: $45,550 to $68,872

Firefighters: $33,043 to $49,961

We apologize for these errors.

(See related editorial in this issue).

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