Advanced Imaging Clinic Offers Latest Screening Technology


Focused Imaging of Arizona brings the latest imaging technology -- MRIs, CT scans and digital X-rays -- to Payson when it opens this fall.

In partnership with Medical Diagnostic Imaging Group (MDIG), Focused Imaging of Arizona (FIA) doesn't believe that people should have to travel long distances or experience inordinate wait times. Current technology makes both unnecessary.


Multi-slice CT is one of the new technologies in the medical field of radiology that Focused Imaging of Arizona uses to diagnose patients.

"All exams are completed and read the same day they are done," said Mike Doukas CEO of MDIG. "(A patient's) doctor will get a full report the next morning. Any case that indicates a serious condition prompts a phone call immediately from the onsite radiologist to the patient's doctor."

FIA is committed to excellence in patient service. Patients can take copies of their imaging records with them on CD, and if your doctor has an Internet connection he or she can immediately review the case in real time while talking to the radiologist over the phone.

Initial plans call for one full-time radiologist in Payson. Yet all 25 radiologists on MDIG's staff are available through teleradiology, transmitting radiographic images and patient records from one location to another, daily, regardless of physical location.

"This allows us to use the expertise of multiple radiologists, trained in various subspecialties to provide a level of service smaller radiologist groups are unable or unwilling to provide.

"We would simply transmit the exam images to a location that one of our neuro-radiologists is at. They would then review the case remotely with the onsite radiologist and interpret the exam. This allows patients in Payson access to subspecialty radiology without leaving the community."

MDIG uses the latest technology. The entire staff -- from the front office through the technologists and the radiologists -- receive ongoing education.

The new technology of multi-slice CT allows a radiologist to collect data that are fast and extremely accurate.

"Post-procession software allows small blood vessels, tumors or virtually any abnormality to be seen," Doukas said. "A three-dimensional image of the problem is created and then can be taken apart. This is extremely important in radiation therapy planning and orthopedic work."

Along with the normal software that comes with an MRI unit, MDIG's radiologist utilize state-of-the-art post-processing software. This allows them to manipulate the images in unique ways.

"For the sake of a simpler term, we can literally bend the images in multiple ways," Doukas said. "We can batch them together to provide anatomical information not normally seen in standard presentations. Finally if we desire, we can batch all the images together to create a three-dimensional representation of the anatomic part or region."

Focused Imaging of Arizona's plans to open its doors in late fall.

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