Breeding More Hatred Than Democracy



President Bush reassured us like President Lyndon Johnson reassured us when his predecessor got us into the Vietnam War.
Johnson said, in 1966, "If we don't stop the Reds in South Vietnam, tomorrow they will be in Hawaii, and next week they will be in San Francisco."

Are Arizonans getting the parallel?dministrations believe it's OK to kill people in their ownountries.

In both wars, we are urged to stay the course, keep killing the citizen soldiersho are desperate to kick the occupiers out of their country. We were resolved tocontinue spilling he blood of our brave soldiersn the jungles of Vietnam and now the urban jungles of Iraqi cities.

Is it worth it to be an occupier?
As we celebrate on July 4th, let's consider whether our 13 colonies didn't like the British occupation. The present occupation seems to be the rallying point for Muslims (I believe all "insurgents" are Muslims) to kill the "Westerners," and also kill the Iraqi supporters of, and coworkers with the Americans. We seem to be breeding more hatred than democracy.
How long shall we stay the course?ike the years in Vietnam?

Ed Blair

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