Bush Is All Smoke And Mirrors



While rummaging around in some old dusty files, I found a piece from the Feb. 21, 2003 issue of the Roundup from Robert Elliot, "Hydrogen Car in the Works?"

This piece discusses the myth of hydrogen energy pushed then by Bush as if it were NOT a myth.There has not been much talk of this lately.

There is and can be no such thing as a "hydrogen economy."

Hydrogen is simply a medium for the storage and transport of new energy obtained from primary sources, such as coal, oil or the sun.

Neither can it be mined nor can one drill for it.t occupies the same niche as electric storage batteries or the spring in an old-fashion clock.ugar is a similarly convenient storage medium for food energy.

In fact, nearly all energy available to mankind comes or came from the sun -- "solar energy" and biomass energy in the present, hydroelectric energy in the recent past and coal and oil in the extremely remote past.

The only exception is geothermal energy which arises ultimately from nuclear-decay activities in the earth's crust and core.

The mythological "hydrogen economy" was brought to us by the same fellow who is now pushing for the mythological benefits of the "privatization" of Social Security.

Caution, America, EXTREME caution: Irresponsible Myth-Men At Work.

Allen Wollscheidt, Payson

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