Junk Ordinance Bad For Private Property



My husband was born and raised under the Communist rule. No one had private property. All properties were confiscated by the government. All people were to be the same. Folks were afraid to give an opinion under the penalty of prison.

We live in a diversified county and country. I am concerned about the junk ordinance that the county proposes. Are we headed in the wrong direction? It starts small and then expands itself. Do not plant this seed.

I feel that folks who have abandoned cars, trash etc. on their property need help. I am sure everyone likes clean yards; however, we cannot judge the individual's situation. Cars can be donated; neighbors help one another. Didn't we have volunteers clean up Main Street?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I feel that the Peiper "mansion" on Main Street is not a good reflection, and yet the town council was ready to spend your monies to fix it up. The council thinks it's worth saving.

Could it be that the affluent folks rule the roost? I will attend the hearing and oppose such an ordinance.

Mary Ann Kotelnicki, Star Valley

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