Ymca Is More Than Just A Gym



I've had the pleasure of working at the State College, Penn. Area YMCA for the last two semesters while I've been at school. I am a lifeguard there and would like to take a moment to describe some of the beneficial activities and programs a YMCA can bring to a community from what I know, to those who may be unaware.

A YMCA is more than just a gym. The YMCA I work at has two indoor courts, one with a rock climbing wall. These gyms are used for a variety of activities including indoor basketball, aerobics classes, volleyball, you name it.

The Y also has two indoor swimming pools. One is a therapy pool that is kept at a higher temperature, especially great for stiff and achy joints.

The Y also sponsors sports leagues for all ages and a year-round swim team -- something Payson's kids and teens would excel at given the opportunity to practice year-round.

Of course, the Y also has a large workout gym, but as one can see, there's much more to do as well.

The staff at my YMCA is very attentive and can easily tailor specific fitness routines to an individual's needs. Undoubtedly Payson would benefit from a YMCA that also may offer a babysitting service, holiday-themed special events, and maybe an after-school program for area students.

I'm not saying Payson's YMCA would be identical to the one I work at; however, everyone in Payson, young and old, would enjoy a center where you are treated like a member of the YMCA family, and a place where there is so much to do and take part in.

Lisa Jackson, Penn State University, State College, Penn. (Formerly of Payson)

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