Hydrogen Economy Not Smoke And Mirrors



Last week's editorial discussion of President Bush's "Hydrogen Economy" and that it is a myth displays dangerous submission to a lost cause.

The myth that should be examined is the fact that "Bush's idea" is a promotion of more record-setting profits by big business and not the grassroots' idea whose time has come.

In fact, the "Hydrogen Economy" provides a practical replacement for fossil fuels. The economic and environmental benefits of the Hydrogen Economy include liberation from dependence upon fossil and radioactive fuels. Forever plentiful renewable energy replaces fossil fuels and greatly expands the opportunity for virtually every community to achieve sustainable prosperity. Creating hydrogen from renewable energy sources will create millions of jobs as we forever rid ourselves of the dependence on foreign oil.

Much work has already been accomplished by the Big Six car companies and many vehicles are now running on hydrogen. California and Florida are presently working on "hydrogen highways" where hydrogen-fueling stations are replacing the now out-dated gasoline filling stations.

The "hydrogen economy" will take the $50 barrel of crude and put it to use to create more than $1,500 worth of recyclable carbon goods instead of pouring it into the gas tank and polluting the air. Hydrogen can be stored and piped using the same fuel delivery methods as natural gas and does not pollute.

It is narrow or closed-minded individuals prompted by oil companies that are slowing the progress of this much needed economy. The next time that you are gassing up at the pump remember that there is an alternative that is anti-inflationary, non-polluting and much more healthful for every form of life on Earth.

Marie Davis, Payson

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