Project Plan Up For Review


The town's corporate strategic plan will be presented to the public for a two-week review Thursday evening. It will then come back to the council for final approval on March 24.

In development since October, the fiscal year 2005-2006 CSP features 12 key result areas, within which are 22 major objectives for the town to accomplish within five years. Here are the objectives as prioritized in the plan:

1. Secure new sources of water.

2. Improve streets.

3. Improve fire and emergency medical services.

4. Provide personnel, facilities, equipment and training for the police department.

5. Make airport as self-sustaining as possible.

6. Promote water conservation.

7. Improve airport.

8. Improve drainage.

9. Implement financial trend monitoring system.

10. Improve solid waste collection and recycling.

11. Enhance parks and recreation facilities and services.

12. Enhance overall economic performance.

13. Improve operations.

14. Upgrade Payson Event Center.

15. Enhance economic performance of the Green Valley Redevelopment Area.

16. Reduce the number of unsightly properties.

17. Develop evaluation procedures for funding provided to outside non-profit agencies.

18. Establish public transit system.

19. Acquire golf course.

20. Improve external communications.

21. Evaluate organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

22. Develop a library expansion statement.

The 2005-2006 CSP is more specific than previous years and features definable goals, according to Town Manager Fred Carpenter.

"This year, the big change is that we're going toward measurable outcomes, not just generalized statements, like paving ‘X' miles of roads instead of just, ‘We want to pave roads,'" he said.

The council and staff uses the CSP to develop the town's annual budget.

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