High School Wrestler Says Thanks


Nate Lee, one of Payson High School's finest wrestlers, will graduate in the spring. During his middle school and high school years, Nate compiled a remarkable career that included winning three White Mountain League titles, four weight-class state championships and untold most valuable wrestler awards.

Next school year, Nate will continue his wrestling career at Boise State University.


PHS senior Nate Lee wants to thank all of those who supported him in his wrestling career.

Today's Sports Talk will be turned over to Nate who has penned his thanks to the many who helped contribute to his success on and off the mat.

"As my high school career comes to a close in the next month, I thought that it was time to share some of my thoughts concerning the success I have had in this great sport of wrestling.

"As a rule, when someone has the type of success that I have had in the past four years (four times state champ, 197-3), the focus or spotlight tends to be on the athlete as the sole reason for the successes. This, of course, is a good and natural response; however, I would like to draw attention to all that has gone into the making of a good wrestler.

"Not enough could possible be said about the time and effort that coaches have invested in me. These men have had a tremendous impact on me - not only in wrestling, but in life as well. Men like Dennis Pirch, Doug Eckhart, Dave LaMotte and Don Heizer - for all the countless hours of time invested for nothing more than the love of the sport and the love of impacting kids' lives. How can a price tag be put on this? From the bottom of my heart, I thank them all.

"To the community, I would like to say thanks for your support of the wrestling program in Payson for these many years. Without the help and support of so many people and businesses in Payson, it would not have been possible for me and others to have had many of the opportunities we have had. Thank you.

"To my parents and family, I would like to express my appreciation for all the encouragement and support you have given me these past years. For all the many trips around the state in off-season to make me a better wrestler, for all the energy you put into supporting coaches and the program, for the love and direction and discipline, I thank you. Thanks to my grandparents who have been such an inspiration to me.

"Last, but not least, I would like to thank God who has certainly blessed me and challenged my life. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil. 4:13. He has supplied me with the desire to serve Him and others in this life. I pray that my life and efforts honor Him."

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