What's Up?


Q: I submitted a letter to the editor three weeks ago, how long does it take to get published?

A: Letters are generally published in the order they are received. The volume of letters we receive fluctuates, and that's the biggest factor affecting turnaround time. Occasionally, we move a letter ahead on the list if it relates to an issue that is time sensitive. We also try to spread out letters from frequent writers so other readers have a chance to get published. There are also word count and name verification requirements that may hold up a letter.

Q: When is the rest of the Payson Unified School District going to have home pickup from the school busses? We, in Star Valley and Diamond Point, have to send our children out to the road, while in Tonto Village the busses come through the neighborhood to pick up children.

A: "We looked at the Tonto Village route carefully to find the most effective and safest way to pick up the children in that area," said Herb Weissenfels, Payson Unified School District superintendent. "Safety is always are very first concern. Our decisions involved turnaround places and consideration for private property limitations. We do review bus routes every year and we'll be happy to review Star Valley and Diamond Point."

Parents with concerns or suggestions can contact Transportation Director Joe Martin at jmartin@pusd.com or call (928) 472-5701.

Call 474-5251, ext. 147, to reach Roundup's What's Up? line. Leave your question on the answering machine and we'll try to find the answer.

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