Will The Real Bigot Please Raise Their Hand?



Tuesday's front page article "Church Accuses Town of Discrimination" greatly disturbed me and not for thebvious reasons.

My son was in a picture that was connected to this article.an Green referred to theids that hang out at the skate park as troubled youths.e also made a reference to the lifestyle of these kids leading to drug and alcohol abuse and pretends to know these kids and that they are ao-called serious problem.

Dan Green knows nothing about my son.y son is a good, respectful kid who has a very loving andupportive family, he just likes to skate. I feelan Green is the one discriminating against a certain group. He isabeling all kids at the skate park as problem kids and this just isn't so.
My son thought he was in this picture to support a movie night and that was all.e did not know that he was going to be depicted in such a defamatory manner. was very offended by Dan Green's references and feel my family and especially my son deserve an apology.
I definitely do not feel that Pastor Green is the answer to our prayers but part of the problem with society today.

Cyndy Nissen, Payson

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