Women In Pajamas Overrun Christopher Creek



Last Friday was the Ladies Annual Jammie Party. Nineteen women showed up at Karen Thorton's house on Columbine Road. They all wore their favorite pajamas, fuzzy slippers and they brought enough food and drink for an army.

The ladies who went out for an evening of fun were Mimi Tidwell, Shelly Sundra, Marlys Szezpanski, Judy Toole, Kathy Kirkland, Sony Hunt, Vicky Grootegoed, Marty Schantz, Rhea Hoedle, Marcia Delessaedro, Karen Thorton, Margo Fish, Shelly Hansen, Nancy Olson, Debbie Farrell, Sally Wright, Ricki Aikins, and Laura Alvin.


Christopher Creek women enjoyed some silly fun with an old-fashioned pajama party recently. Participating were, first row, from left, Judy Toole, Margo Fish, Nancy Olson,Shelly Hansen, Kathy Kirkland, Debbie Farrell, and second row, from left, Karen Thorton, Laura Alvin, Riki Aikins, Shelly Sundra,Sally wright, Mimi Tidwell, Rhea Hoedle, Sonny Hunt, Viki Grootegoed, Marty Schantz, Marsha Delessandro, and Marlys Szezpanski.

After we stuffed our faces at Karen's we headed for Creekside. My sister, Kathy Kirkland and I were the first to arrive. We sat in the car thinking just how funny it was going to be when we walked in. To get into Creekside you have to walk up the long wheelchair ramp in front of everyone eating on the porch.

A couple of ladies walked out as we were going in and I think they thought we were just released from some institution. We just laughed and went in. To our surprise all the employees were dressed in their pajamas. The ladies showed up one by one. Judy Toole was the only person not wearing slippers, she had on her hiking boots.

Sally Wright also did not have any slippers. She told me she was wearing some very expensive shoes. Sonny Hunt better known as "Spook" had on gorilla slippers when I commented she said they weren't just any gorilla they were King Kong slippers.

Vicky Grootegoed had Scooby Do pajamas and Marty Schantz had on Eeyore PJs, along with Shelly Sundra who had Winnie the Pooh and Tigger on her behind.

Must have been a Winnie the Pooh night for those ladies. One of my favorites is Tweety Bird and Marcia Delessaedro had Tweety slippers on her feet. Shelly Hansen was all dressed in Bud attire right down to her slippers, which looked like cans of Budweiser except her shirt advertised Coors Light.

My sister Kathy Kirkland's hair was all tied in ribbons due to the crafty hands of my 9-year-old Frankie Jo, and Margo Fish was the only one in curlers.

Rod Britain the bartender at Creekside had a good time teasing all the ladies and taking their pictures.

It was a fun night for everyone including the onlookers.

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