Hispanic Outreach Was To Improve Life For All



Rim Country Literacy Program is a 501 3c nonprofit organization that provides free adult education to the entire Rim country area.

An example, we provide preGED/ GED training,dult Basic Education specializing in reading, writing and mathematics. We also provide Family Literacyrogram, which prepares 3- and 4-year-olds for success in school by providing educational tools to parent(s) and child. Lastly, our English Languageearning program, assistsany people whose mother tongue is not English.

In the last three years we have provided English writing, speaking and conversational assistanceo folks fromrance, Russia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Germany and many Latinoountries. Since 2001 we have helpedpproximately00 people improve their literacy skills with our four programs.

Recently, a Rimountry Literacy Teamasart of the Library Educational program foratinos.RCLP'sbjective and reason for attendinghe meeting was to assistur Hispanic communityy identifying places they could go to get help,earn about what services are available to improve their education, and overall existence.

Many churches, nonprofit organizations, schools and the TOP departmentspoke in Spanish so that the audience would clearly understand that we support and encourage their efforts to improve their quality of life here in Payson.

Susan M. Connell, Director of RCLP

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