Villagers Celebrate Wearin' Of The Green



It is the day after St. Patrick's Day, one of my husband's favorite holidays. He is a first generation Irishman, his mom was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and his middle name is Patrick. He also loves corned beef and cabbage, even though we know that this type of meal does not originate in Ireland.

There is no way that I could ever get away with wearing orange. If you know anything about this particular holiday, wearing orange is like telling everyone on that day that you are a protestant, and probably not of Irish descent.

Isn't everyone a bit Irish on that day?

This past Wednesday, St Patrick's Day was celebrated by the Ladies Domino Group with a full course corned beef and Cabbage dinner along with enjoying the rest of the gals in playing dominoes for the afternoon. Remember, the gals get together every Wednesday afternoon at 1 p.m. at the Tonto Village Chapel. Sometimes the weather will not permit the domino ladies from Bear Flat to get across the creek, that has happened a few times this winter.


The hummingbirds have returned to Tonto Village as of last week. Linda Stailey has kept track of the migration of the hummers ever since she has lived in the village, give or take 30 years or so. Linda said they arrived a few weeks earlier than usual. The usual time is around the March 7 to 10.

If you would like to have the birds visit your home, make sure that the feeders are clean. Fill the feeders about three fourths full to allow for frost. The formula is one cup sugar to four cups water. Heat the mixture to dissolve the sugar . Let the mixture cool and then fill your feeders. Store the extra mixture in a clean container for refills. The hummers have already visited my feeders and I really enjoy watching them from my kitchen window.


Belated birthday wishes to Joan and Gary Norem of Tonto Village III. Joan and Gary share the same birthday on March 1. I apologize for not reporting their big day earlier.

Joan Milke also of Tonto Village III, will celebrate her big day March 20. Happy birthday to all of you.

Tonto Village Fire District

James Sura and Dennis Minich, both of Tonto Village and volunteer firefighters for the department, have completed the Basic Wildland Firefighting class this past week. They both now qualify to fight in any wildland fires. Let's hope that we will not have to worry about wildland fires this year.

Dennis also is the mechanic for the fire department. He is the one who will keep all of the trucks in good working order.

Congratulations to Dennis and James.

Tonto Village Chapel

Rita Spalink has organized a youth group for the village children at the chapel every Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. The age group encompasses any child from 5 years old to late teens.

There are games, refreshments, movies, and Bible lessons. In the future, there also will be parent-approved field trips.

If you would like more information or would like to volunteer some of your time as chaperones or teach a lesson or two, please call Rita at (928) 478-4282.

Pool cues

Pat Wheaton, Ethel Cain and Phyllis Mullen were the top three winners at the Sunday afternoon pool tournament held at the Double D. Where were the guys? Are the gals better players?

Come on fellas, sharpen up those pool sticks and try your skill at beating these talented gals.

Be there next Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday, so go to your favorite church and thank the Lord for all your blessings, and pray for all of our servicemen who are in harm's way in Iraq.

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