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Q: Re March 1, article on front page -- How can Terry Morris and Judy Buettner launch an Hispanic educational program involving the fire department, the library and other local facilities and services that are locally tax supported. Who is going to finance this? Shouldn't this be a project that the taxpayers can vote on since they are going to have to pay for it?

A: The Latino Support Forum is not an ongoing educational program funded by any taxpayer money. It was a one-time opportunity for the non-English speaking Hispanic community to learn about the services available to them.

"These are the same services that are available to everybody in town," said Judy Buettner. "I was doing it on my own, not as a vice mayor. The only thing the town paid for was $42 for the refreshments.

"The hispanic community was very appreciative and attentive," added Buettner. "The majority of them are trying to learn English through our ESL programs. I feel that we should all work together."

The library's community room is open to anyone who wants to use it, and if any other groups are interested in learning about the community services available to them, Buettner is more than happy to arrange a similar workshop.

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