Kill 'Em With Sarcasm



Thanks must be given again and again to those morally superior, more honest, much more intelligent, and, above all, those who are so vastly more perceptive than you or I.

I speak, of course, of Mark Reza and someone who has traveled, and no doubt suffered much to bring truth and virtue to us all the way from California, a certain Jill Walker of Auburn, Calif.

Mr. Reza -- just in the nick of time -- has taken valuable time out from licking Democratic wounds to save us from the horrible fate of using our own money as we see fit. Even if it's only 2 or 3 percent, I can't see anything more terrible than having a choice as to how to save it.

Thanks, Mr. Reza, that was close. Thanks for looking out for all the young people of this country.

And you, Ms. Walker, thanks for helping us look back to a time when the truth was valued.

When people like Bill Clinton could play a round or two of golf with the likes of Ken Lay, and Enron could just keep on a-chuggin' as if money grew on trees -- "Fore" -- those were the good old days -- back when we learned what "is" is; back when politicians really cared; back when instead of throwing around calumny and vague accusations with no accompanying specifics, like paragraph six of your letter of March 11.

We had things like blue presses and subpoenaed documents showing up. Thanks for telling us that George Bush, I quote now, "... has destroyed our country." I know many of us less perceptive types hadn't noticed.

Finally, thank you, Payson Roundup for editing for -- and I quote from your "letters policy" ... "Accuracy."

Steve Morgan, Pine

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