Show The Humane Society Good Hearts Are The Majority


The Payson Humane Society has cobbled together its existing shelter facilities for years. Doing things bit by bit through the generosity of animal lovers willing to step up for the lost, abandoned and abused dogs and cats cared for by the shelter's staff and volunteers.

Now, the humane society can create a top-flight facility for its helpless clients. It has purchased 2 acres of land behind the present shelter and has $500,000 in the bank as a start on the $2 million needed to construct its new 10,000 square feet building.

The plan is to break ground in about 10 months and start construction in 16. To do that, the public needs to step up again.

The new shelter will provide a safe, soundproof place to hold animals until new homes can be found for them. It will be totally enclosed, except for an outside exercise area similar to the off-leash dog park at Rumsey Park.

The sheltered animals are victims. Placed in the care of loving strangers through no fault of their own. They need for each of us who love our animals to come forward and help get this new shelter built.

There are any number of ways to contribute to the cause. Gather up all your aluminum cans and donate them to the shelter's collection bins throughout the Rim country. Participate in every fund-raising event the humane society plans for the next 16 months.

Sit down and write a check for whatever amount you can afford.

In recent months the men and women directing the efforts of the shelter have too often heard the bitter refrain of the "Not In My Backyard" liturgy. People protested their attempts to buy land at the town's industrial park. The shelter itself was caught up in the arguments about barking dogs.

Now, it's time to show the humane society board of directors and staff good hearts have the majority in the Rim country. We support the great work that is being done at the shelter and want to see that work enhanced by having a large, efficient space in which to provide it.

Support the Payson Humane Society and contribute to its efforts to raise the $2 million it needs to build its new shelter.

Call (928) 468-6596 and learn how you can help.

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