Unprepared Students Are Unprepared Adults



Your "Opinion" article was right on the button.

We moved to Payson, November 2000, from La Mesa, Calif., and returned to Redlands, Calif.July 2004.

Early on, we learned to be elected to the Arizona legislature, a candidate had to promise two things: cut taxes and improve education. Oil and water. Taxes wereeduced, therefore,othing for education.

Marlla was a retired kindergarten classroom teacher. In the Payson Roundup, the school district ran ads for subs, stating, $6 per hour and some college preferred. She applied, and was immediately hired.

Marlla "subbed" for kindergarten through third-grade classes inhe Payson elementary schools.

Even as a sub, she too, would purchase classroom material, out of her meager subay because she was a professional. Her desire was to educate Payson students torepare them forife's challenges.ome parents either overlook Payson's teachers' "professionalism" or are not aware of their extendedersonal financialnvestmentn the children they are educating.

Parents should hold elected representatives accountable for their lack ofducational support. It isheir children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. Arehey not concerned? They better be. The world is changing, fast. Shouldtudents not be prepared, they will be left behind. Unfortunately, for too many, it is presentlyoo late.

Contact your elected representatives, today, and demand more support and financial aid to Arizona's schools. No longer should learning programs be cut to meet budget demands.

Gene Hinds, Redlands, Calif.

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