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Q: Why exactly did the dialysis center in Payson close down?

A: The Payson Renal Care group closed at the end of December. Terry Proveaux of Renal Care Group Inc.'s headquarters in Nashville, Tenn., said the clinic had been losing money for at least a year.

"We've struggled with this from an emotional and moral standpoint," Proveaux said. "But there aren't enough patients to pay for services and personnel."

To learn more about the closure, read the Dec. 24 Payson Roundup article entitled, "Dialysis patients stranded by clinic closure."

Q: What's up with KRIM radio calling itself a public radio station? Are they affiliated with a college or hold pledge drives?

A: KRIM is called a public radio station because it adheres to a new type of Federal Communications Commission license that determines tax exemption. KRIM operates under a 501(c)(3) designation as a nonprofit organization. The station is licensed as the Payson Council for the Musical Arts.

"One of the things that we're looking to get into this summer is a community support drive," said Randy Roberson of KRIM. "We're a nonprofit and as such, there's a limited amount we can do with sponsorship."

Roberson said in the future KRIM looks to grow their news focus and community outreach as far as helping other nonprofits in town.

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