Litter Bugs Lack Respect



Recently our Take Pride Project refinished one of the school bus shelters along Highway 87 in Pine. We made the mistake of leaving two empty barrels. They belonged to the owners of the lot. Before long, people were throwing in their household trash, until the barrels overflowed, and then continued to throw trash until it spilled out over the ground.

The sad fact is that the garbage contained items such as beer cans and whiskey bottles, which the people could afford; but they couldn't afford to take their trash to the landfill. I believe it is not a question of money, but sheer laziness and a complete disregard for maintaining the beauty of our community.

It is also interesting to note that we just completed our highway pickup. In one mile of highway we collected 15 bags of trash, the majority being beer bottles, though we also picked up dirty diapers and many other objects that were not accidentally blown out of an open pickup.

I seriously doubt if the individuals responsible will ever change, but it is a tragic note to their serious lack of community spirit, and respect of our environment.

Ira Gibel, Pine/Strawberry Take Pride

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