What's Up?


Q: I read your article in the living section March 22 about Charles Goodson and it scared me. Why would you write an article about someone like this?

A: We live in a country where people have the freedom to express their beliefs and disagree with the standing government. In fact, if you read the article, you'll find there's no reason for alarm. Goodson's political party stands for the preservation of Southern society -- not of slavery or of bigotry. Goodson and his party denounce racism, and Goodson personally abhors pornography, child abuse and neglect, and violence toward women. Although he did say, as a Christian, he opposes homosexual marriages, he feels the government has no right to intervene -- consenting adults are free to live as they please as long as they don't break the law or hurt others.

Q: There's an ad in your paper from Quality Plus that talks about how to rip people off with their checks. Why is this allowed?

A: Quality Plus sells office supplies and equipment. In this particular ad, they discuss a type of ink that prevents check forgery and fraud. The ad describes how the forgery is carried out -- and then Quality Plus says they sell the pen that prevents this type of crime. According to Roundup advertising manager Julie Haught, the staff adheres to a strict ethics code.

"We screen all ads before they're submitted," Haught said. "And that covers anything that would be illegal."

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