Will The Person Who Decided On The Roundabout Please Stand Up?



Regarding the traffic roundabout being built on the north end of town, it seems to me that there is no positive response from anyone in this community concerning the decision to build it.

To the contrary, it is generally considered that it will be potentially hazardous area once it is completed, and many people are now concerned about driving through Payson to get to places north of town.

This situation prompts several questions: Since we don't want it, why are we letting ADOT build it? Whose bad idea was this anyway? Why did ADOT not ask for public input before making the decision to build it?

Given that Highway 87 is a very busy piece of road year-round and much of the traffic is large vehicles, what fool, or group of fools, decided that we need [another] hazard to contend with while driving on Highway 87?

Who will pay to tear it out and build a traffic light, which is what we need instead, when the time comes to do it right? Isn't it a fact that all the folks at ADOT work for us? If so, why can't we make them build safe roads instead of hazardous roads?

I fail to understand the logic behind a roundabout at this location given that no one wants it and it will create a more dangerous intersection than it ever could be using conventional traffic controls.

If there is anyone out there; who does not work for ADOT who feels that this is a good idea, please come forward and explain why you want this mess in the middle of your highway.

Jim Estess, Pine

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