Creek Man Wins Prize For Best Easter Bonnet



Two-year-old Eric Hofmann, grandson of Sam and Karen Seay, was determined to fill his little basket with as many eggs as he could find.

Around 20 kids showed up for the annual Easter egg hunt and ran through the forest Easter Sunday trying to find 450 eggs.


Two-year-old Eric Hofmann was on a mission to find the most eggs during the Christopher Creek Easter egg hunt.

Kevin Palmer received a prize for finding the most eggs in the younger children's category. Kenneth Palmer hooked a prize for finding the most eggs in the older children's age group.

One-year-old Kyson Alvin even earned a prize for the least amount of eggs found.

When I walked up to Kyson's father I ask why he received a prize and he said "he is a loser." He didn't mean for the comment to sound that way; it just really sounded funny for him to say his son was a loser -- for finding the least amount of eggs.

We all laughed and I promised that I wouldn't call the little fellow a loser. He was too cute for that name.

The prize for the best bonnet for a child went to 8-year-old Justina Moore. Kathie Moore won the best bonnet contest for the ladies and Mark Alvin won the best bonnet contest for men.

Actually, Mark was the only man brave enough to wear one.

Thanks to the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association for putting on this event every year; to president Dave Ezzel and vice president Karen Thorton for organizing this very successful hunt; to the Creekside for donating some of the eggs and for some gifts for prizes; and to the volunteers, Dave and Jackie Ezzel, Laura Alvin, Chief Ray Larsen, and Karen Thorton who hid the eggs.

Garage sale

Mark your calendars for the Annual Garage Sale, Saturday, April 9 at the Landmark from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is no charge to set up.

Get your stuff together and come down and sell your wares. You know how the saying goes, "One man's junk is another man's treasure."


Christopher Creek residents celebrating birthdays this month include: Sally Mystrom (April 3); George Alhmann (April 5); Jean Clarkson and Eileen Kittock (April 7); Alice Simpson and Margo Fish (April 8); Doris Billings (April 9); Bob Conklin (April 12); Dr. Jeff Ronn (April 15); Bob Eggars (April 16); Willene Byrne (April 17); Art Guevara and Sam Seay (April 20); Jo Armistead (April 24); Bobby Jones (April 27); Susan Keown (April 28); and Dale Ashby (April 29).

Wishing all of you a very Happy Birthday.

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