Local Doctor Enjoys Thrill Of Hunt


If you just need an adjustment, you can go to any chiropractor; but if you're looking for variety -- say a good bone-moving experience or modern, non-forced methods like activator or wedge-blocking techniques -- Dr. Robert Sanders is your man.

Along with his chiropractic practice, aptly named Beeline Chiropractic, Sanders dispenses elixirs, concoctions and remedies that alleviate pain, disability, and skeletal and nerve problems.


"I'll go just about any place in this state to hunt anything -- deer, elk, javelina, buffalo, antelope, turkey, bighorn sheep and mountain lions," Robert Sanders said.

"I also like to do a lot of muscle work like trigger-point therapy," he said. "And I recently started doing more extremity work -- shoulders, arms and legs."

Sanders treats patients on a case-by-case basis, depending on their tolerance and preference for manipulation.
"I use a diversified full-spine technique on most patients, unless they request one of the low-force techniques, or if I feel that would be most appropriate," said Sanders.

Sanders grew up in the northern Wisconsin town of Ashland, located on Lake Superior. He attended the Northwestern College of Chiropractry in St. Paul, Minn.

More than 20 years ago, Sanders learned of Payson through a friend whose mother retired here.
"I knew I didn't want to spend any more winters in Wisconsin or Minnesota,"anders said. "It's pretty hard to beat the climate here. I like to hunt and hike. You can hardly pick a better place to live than Payson for those activities."

So Sanders and his wife Jo, who he met in 1981, settled in the Rim country and had two sons, Nick, 21, a student at Northern Arizona University; and Travis, 19, a sophomore at Yavapai College in Prescott.

Sanders, in addition to his practice, has become a fixture on the community service circuit. He served on the town planning and zoning commission, and the sanitary district board. He's also been a visible member of the Kiwanis club since moving to Payson more than two decades ago, first as a board member, and then as the group's president.

"It's been a nice way to meet a lot of nice people and an avenue to altruistic service to the community," said Sanders.

Sanders said he always has time for his patients, and tries to make himself available for their special needs.

I am in the office Monday through Saturday," said Sanders. My home phone number is on my front door, on my business cards and on my answering machine in the office.hen necessary, I make house calls."

And when Sanders is done unraveling kinked spines and knotted muscles, he can be found singing in the choir at St. Philip's Catholic Church or hiking and hunting in Tonto National Forest.

Sanders bow hunts, but also uses a rifle, and a shotgun for small game and birds.

"To quote a friend," he said, "I'll go just about any place in this state to hunt anything -- deer, elk, javelina, buffalo, antelope, turkey, bighorn sheep and mountain lions."
His hunting acumen is evidenced by the trophies mounted on the walls of his practice: large antlers, the heads of two antelope and a javelina with open mouth

"It's nice to come home with meat for the freezer," said Sanders. "But it's always worthwhile just to get out and see the country."

Sanders is modest about his athletic prowess. He recently completed a 4.5-mile open-water swim in Lake Superior.

"I may attempt to repeat it next summer," said Sanders, a newly minted AARP member. "They sponsor many mini-triathlons, which I might give consideration to in the future.

Jo, the doctor's wife, has worked for RTA Hospice and Palliative Care for 10 years as a social worker, and now heads the social work department.
"Since we both deal all day with other people's problems, we both try hard to leave our work at the office," Sanders said.

Sanders loves living in Payson, and doesn't feel the need to vacation elsewhere.

"There is plenty of fun to be had just hanging around here," said Sanders.I have heard some people say that Payson doesn't have anything for kids to do. think they are wrong. Between school activities, church activities, town-sponsored athletic activities and the great outdoors, there is plenty for kids to do.bout the only thing I think we don't have is a big mall for them to hang out in, and there are plenty of those within any easy drive."

Sanders is still going strong. He said the average chiropractor practices for 41 years.

"I am in my 23rd year of practice now, which leaves me 18 or so years to go," said Sanders.I'm looking forward to it and more years than that if God keeps me healthy enough."

Beeline Chiropractic is located at 414 S. Beeline Highway, Suite 6. To make an appointment, call (928) 474-5555.

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