More Questions Than Answers In Kuenzli Killing



Courts and judges have been in the news now for several weeks. Many citizens have not been happy with them. Certainly many of the residents of Payson are not happy with Flagstaff Judge Mark Moran for throwing out the case against Harold Fish, the man accused of the 2nd degree murder of Payson citizen Grant Kuenzli.

There are a lot of questions as to just what happened the day Fish killed Kuenzli. What really happened, and what is being concealed and lied about, would find Mr. Fish guilty of the prosecutor's charges.

No one has come forward to answer the question: "How was Mr. Fish going to get back to his car ten miles away, south of Pine, after the hike?"

Did someone drop Fish off at the trail head and agree to pick him up at the trail head on the Rim five hours later?

Did Fish have a cell phone as well as a gun?

Did he make a call to the pick-up person when he was near the end of the hike?

If a cell phone was available, why didn't Fish call 911?

Fish knew the hike was posted as being 10 miles in length and meant climbing up the Rim. He probably guessed that it would take about five hours of hiking to complete.

Did he make arrangements to have that pick-up person at the trail head on the Rim waiting for him five hours after he left Pine?

Was that person there when the shooting occurred or shortly after?

Did that person see the crime scene?

Regarding the Fish attorney remark that Fish is all but financially broke may not be entirely true, as there is strong talk by some Payson residents that Fish is being supported by a large church group in Mesa, and certainly the attorney appears to be a part of that group and is playing Santa Claus with Fish attorney fees.

Certainly everyone agrees that the sheriff deputy spoke too soon about what happened that day. The case is sounding like "The Prince and the Pauper," and the pauper is in the grave and cannot tell us the whole story.

Dave Engleman, Payson

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