Village Resident Recovering From Surgery



I am happy to report that Connie Weldon is doing very well after brain tumor surgery last week. Connie is now in rehabilitation at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix, and she will be there for about a month.

Next week's column will have her address so that everyone can send her a get well card. I urge everyone to keep her in their prayers; she has a long way to go for a full recovery.


The Tonto Village ladies domino group made a prayer quilt for Connie Weldon, one of the first coordinators of the group. Weldon is recovering from brain surgery. Pictured from left to right, Linda Stailey, Marie Coley, Marilyn Lamb, Chris Manning, Mae Jones, Sue Prach, Dara Sutton, Grace Daniels, Vicki Grootegoed and Eileen Kittock presented Weldon with the quilt before her surgery in Phoenix.

Bear Flat

Pat Roukens and Pat Frost affectionately known as ‘DA Pats' by everyone in Bear Flat will be retiring as the caretakers for Katherine Baxter.

‘Da Pats' have been Katherine's caretakers for 13 years. They have decided to move to Payson, and then eventually travel the country.

‘Da Pats' will be missed by everyone in Bear Flat. The community wishes them a happy retirement. Katherine, who is 93 years young, now has Al and Margaret Natzel to look after her. Welcome, Al and Margaret.

Tonto Village Fire District

Fire Chief J.R. Alliger doesn't want everyone to jump out of their chairs when the Villagers hear this, but there will be testing of the fire siren at noon on Mondays for about 10 seconds. This testing will be an ongoing event throughout the summer.

The clean up of the beetle-infested pine trees around the perimeter in Tonto Village is continuing at the end of Tonto Village III and the ‘island'.

The chipper/shredder will be concentrating on the northeast side of the ‘island' this week.

The next fire board meeting will be on April 9 starting at 10 a.m. at the fire station.

Please mark your calendar and make sure that you attend. All fire board meetings are open to the public.

Birthdays, etc.

Happy birthday to John Daar. He added another candle to his birthday cake on March 30. John lives and works in the Village for Willie Nourse, who is owner of The Metal Works. This reporter does not know how many candles John had on his cake, but we hope he had a good day.

Harvey Poyner had a busy week entertaining his granddaughter Cheyenne and her friend Jennifer during spring break.

The girls enjoyed themselves in the pines and took advantage of quad riding while they were here. They go to school in the Valley, so this was a pleasant change for them.

Tonto Village Chapel

The newly formed Youth Group is continuing every Saturday from noon until 4 p.m. at the Chapel. Refreshments, games, movies and Bible lessons, plus parent-approved field trips are available to all the kids in the area. Rita Spalink is the coordinator for this group. If you have any questions, please call her at (928) 478-4282.

Shelby School

The first play to be put on by Shelby School students since it became a charter school will be at 7 p.m., Friday, April 29. The play will be held at the Church of the Holy Nativity in Crawford Hall, located on Easy Street in Payson. The names of the players will be in future columns.

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