Abuse Of Animals An Overlooked Crime



We speak so often of domestic abuse. I would like to address the issue of cruelty to animals in correlation with the abuse of people.

It is statistically proven that most people who become abusive started out by being abusive to animals. Many of the most infamous sociopaths in history started out torturing small animals.

If we, as a community, do not educate the importance of compassion toward animals -- especially those animals that share our homes; if we teach our children to turn a cold shoulder to suffering -- such as that suffering that accrues at the end of a chain; or, the suffering of having to support litter after litter of unwanted offspring that are just disposed of at the local animal shelter, what message are we sending our children? That life only matters when it's convenient? That compassion only matters when it's convenient?

The week of April 16 to 23 was animal cruelty, human violence, awareness week. I would like to encourage everyone to become involved in bringing neglect and violence, whether it's to a person or an animal, to an end in this community. We can do it if we all just do our part.

Lisa Boyle, Payson

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