Hygienist Horsewoman Part Of Reserves



Tracey Adams is convinced her life is nothing anyone would want to read about. But that is more about being self-effacing than having an ordinary life.

"I was born in Massachusetts, but when I was about 11 my mother moved me to California," Adams said.


Tracey Adams

However, the move didn't stick. She went back to Massachusetts, where her father lived, and attended and graduated from high school there.

But the New England state was not where she wanted to put down roots, so following her high school graduation, Adams attended the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

She said while the East is beautiful, the people are a lot more uptight than people in the West.

"Here people will wave at you when you pass on the street in your car, they don't do that back there," Adams said.

"I knew I always wanted to do something in the medical field," Adams said. "I decided dental hygiene is where I'm best suited."

She earned her hygienist degree at UNM-Albuquerque and worked in Roswell before returning to Arizona.

This is not Adams' first time in the Grand Canyon State. Growing up, her mother brought her to the state and they lived in several different communities around the Valley.

It was her mother, Clemence Varney, who brought Adams to the Rim country where she is now a dental hygienist with the Anderson Dental Group. She joined the staff in December, but has made her home here since February 2004. She commuted to work in the Valley for nearly a year.

Her mother and step-father retired to the Rim country in 2001, she said.

In addition to her 13 years as a dental hygienist, Adams was in the Army Reserve for six years. She started in an engineering company and then went into the dentistry unit.

"It was something to do. It was in the 90s, between times when the Reserve was called up for Gulf duty, but we were almost activated once. It fell through though," she said.

Her work at Anderson's keeps her busy, but being a horse lover -- she has three -- she has taken the time to join the Payson Horseman's Association.

"I haven't had a chance to go on any rides with them yet," she said. "And I haven't had the time to get to a meeting." She said she hopes that changes as things become more settled for her.

Her schedule lately has made her horses feel a little neglected, she said. When is able to ride, it is just near her home.

In addition to the three horses, Adams is also making a home for two Australian shepherds and two cats.


Name: Tracey Adams

Occupation: Dental hygienist

Employer: Anderson Dental Group

Birthplace: Leominster, Mass.

Family: Mother, Clemence Varney

Favorite hobby or leisure activity: Riding horses.

Luxury defined: A vacation on a beach somewhere.

Dream vacation spot: A beach somewhere.

Why Payson? My parents retired here in 2001 and I followed them in February 2004.

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