Larby A Fair-Weathered Friend To The Arts



When I read the article about the resignation of the middle school principal, I was quite surprised by a couple of statements by Mr. Larby.

The article stated "Larby also points to the school's improved remediation and fine arts programs as goals he was able to achieve.‘I have been most pleased (those programs) have helped enrich our children's education' he said."

It's rather odd that he would say that since he was the person who eliminated and excellent art program two years ago. At the time art was dropped from the curriculum, Payson Art League was working with Mr. Stern, an outstanding art teacher, and providing materials to his classes.

I can only hope that the person who takes the position of principal of RCMS is sensitive enough to the needs of ALL the children and will reinstate the art program.
Donn C. Morris, Education Committee, Payson Art League

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