Reader Voices Concerns With Government



I'm opening myself up for a bashing but here goes. Problems in government, where do you start?Take the border crossings. Up until the Minutemen Project, everyone knew it was a problem, but there it stopped. As soon as they came in, all eyes opened and the for and against began being heard.

All they were doing was somethinggovernment should have done: address the illegal immigration problem. The American Civil Liberties Union said that the illegals crossing were having their civil rights violated.ot peep from them until now.

I'm guessing that once the Minutemen leave it will return to what it has been for years: lip service How long has this been a problem, and whose administration is responsible? No one knows.

Social Security. A problem for years. Now that Bush tries to come up with a solution be it right or wrong it has basically been ignored. I will say one thing, what was the federal deficit when Reagan left office and what is it now?his is a federal body, both Democrat and Republican, that is going to decide what is best for future generations.

Look at the deficit now and ask if they really know what's best. If they are voted in by their constituents, ask them. The only time they use the word constituent is when they are campaigning.

Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion.

Kim Reeser, Payson

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