What's Up?


Q: What is the Hispanic student population in Payson schools?

A: As of Tuesday, May 3, there were 340 Hispanic students in the Payson Unified School District, or 12.2 percent of the entire student population, according to a district spokesperson. The district breaks the number down by grade level, not school. There is one student in preschool; 33 in kindergarten, 35 in first, 28 in second, 24 in third, 35 in fourth, 21 in fifth. At the middle school level there are 29 in sixth, 26 in seventh and 15 in eighth grade. At the high school level there are 22 Hispanic freshman, 19 sophomores, 24 juniors and 20 seniors. An additional eight Hispanic students fall into the "ungraded" category, they are advanced students, in between actual grade levels (i.e. a fourth grader doing sixth grade work).

Q: What happened to the Arizona Cowboy Hall of Fame and Museum that was planned a few years ago -- what's being done about it and where's the money that was donated?

A: President of the Northern Gila County Historical Society Tom McGuigan said the group still holds rights to the title, but it has not been in a position to proceed with development of the facility. The funds contributed are held in a special account. At some point, he hopes plans can proceed.

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